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Quality Used Cars For Sale in Newport, South Wales


Finance for Used Cars, Newport, South Wales

Used car finance - it could not be easier 90% of car owners use monthly finance to fund the car of their choice. At Royal Oak Car Sales we have worked very closely with our finance partners to offer a range of used car finance benefits to our customers.

We fit the package to suit your needs in terms of deposit, payments and length of finance period. We recognise than everyone is different. Just tell us what you need and we will do our best to fulfil your personal requirements.

Drive the car of your dreams with Royal Oak Car Sales , our Finance Packages enable you to make your choice of car based on what you can afford to repay over a period suited to you rather than what you can afford to pay on the day, or overstretch yourself at the time of purchase.

Contact us today to discuss financing your next used car – 01633 376058

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